I was just on youtube watching my favorite clip from White Christmas; the scene where Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby lip sync "Sisters". Sigh. My little sister and I used to sing that song all the time. Not only is it the funniest scene in the movie, but it reminds me of the loving/competitive relationship I have with my wonderful, lovely, female siblings. My sister Pam and I used to swim together in the mornings. At the end of the workout, we would do sprints and time each other. I think we worked extra hard just to beat each other's time. Ah, sibling rivalry. It's made me a better person or at least a stronger swimmer. My little sister Michelle and I would do photo shoots and make up awesome dances to Will Smith songs. There is no one like a sister to bring out the goofy in you. When my creep fiance (not Jeff!) made me feel like my world was ending I found myself at my older sister Julie's house wrapped in her arms as she let me cry and cry. When my sister Nanette served a mission for the LDS church and my sister-in-law Julie (who I will always think of as a sister) would talk about how amazing her experience was as a missionary I started to want to have that same experience myself. When I got engaged to Jeff they all celebrated with me and we all hung out at this swanky hotel in Salt Lake for my bridal shower and I loved every minute of it. Now that I'm here and they are all still in Utah, I realize how cool it was to have them so close.
I miss them.


Pam Baumeister said…
We miss you too, Amy!

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