Back in the game. Sort of.

I ran my first post-baby 10K yesterday. I feel like there is a break-through distance when it comes to becoming a distance runner. For me that distance - the one that makes all other distances seem possible - is 6 miles. Once I run 6 miles I can continue to up my mileage and everything else seems much more possible. After the break-through run, running is more enjoyable, I look forward to it more and mentally I am better adjusted to going longer distances. I hemmed and hawed about doing this race until the VERY last minute. Actually, I was just going to run it without paying the fee and getting a number. That is, until I found out it was to benefit the Special Olympics and I decided I didn't want to buy my one way ticket to Hell that day. I got my number, donned my "costume" and got ready.
It was a beautiful day. I found a buddy to run with for the first 3 miles. Basically I pulled a five year old move and ran up next to this lady introduced myself and started chatting. Good thing she was a good sport about it. The second loop around - the last three miles, I was all on my own. Literally. I couldn't see anyone behind or in front of me at all for two miles. I spent quite a bit of time trying to convince myself that it was no big deal that I was dead last.

By the way, that first picture shows a guy pushing the double stroller - he is a friend of ours. He and his wife (also pushing a stroller but up ahead of the picture) completely creamed me - they were so fast. Oh yeah, and my friend had just had a medical procedure done the day before and may or may not be battling a stomach virus of some kind. Ah, humility. Then lo, what melodic foot fall broke before me, but a lone racer that I could totally catch up to. I caught up to him, we chatted for a while and then as the finish came in sight, I dropped all pretenses of friendship and running camaraderie and passed him. So now I'm admitting to you that I'm weak and shallow. At least running helps me face reality. Yessssss. Funny how knowing you aren't last all of the sudden gives you a burst of energy. I finished the race, and here are my observations:
1. Getting back into shape is much harder after having a baby.
2. I wasn't last, but I wasn't nearly as fast as I want to be.
3. Running in Vibrams and then running a race in sneakers makes the bottoms of my feet hurt.
4. I love running more than chocolate.
5. Consistency is EVERYTHING - though the run was harder than I would have liked, it wasn't that bad because I have run every other day for a while.
6. I can't wait to do another race and improve my time.


Kristin said…
Ah you will be "creaming" us in no time! I just know it! I'm proud of your break through and it was fun to be there when you did it! YEAH!! Onward and upward!
Pam Baumeister said…
You're back baby! I know that feeling of being dead last and I'm okay with it. You're out there and you're going to keep getting better and better. Getting in shape after having a baby may be hard, but once you get your game back, you're tougher than you were pre-baby. Believe me. GO AMY, GO!

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