Back in my day

I don't miss high school. The cliques, the bad hairstyles, the insecurities, the running into those horny drama kids making out under every stairwell... College and marriage and having a baby trump anything high school brings to the table like the friends and the lack of responsibility (although I may crave that once in a while). It was a good time, but much better times have followed. This weekend, however, made me miss a part of high school; the sports. We went to watch my niece, Hannah, compete in the regional cross country meet and it made me miss my days of playing field hockey somethin' fierce. The camaraderie, the cool crisp fall air, the physical contest of it all. Everyone was brimming with excitement for this event that they had prepared for. Watching my niece come around the bend and sprint to the finish - it was intoxicating. Something about striving as a group to a common goal, practicing every day, making your body lean with all the running and training - it's magical. It makes you feel invincible. I miss that.

Since then I've come to accept another truth. I suck at team sports. Getting a ball into some type of net, though I LOVE it, I am not very good at it. Bad hand-eye coordination. Perhaps I should have played more video games. Oh yeah, and there's that silly thing about depth perception. I had mine tested and, well, it's not that great. Not that I'm going to reach out to shake your hand and hit you in the stomach or anything, but fast moving balls and such, let's just say I don't always make contact. Which is why I've gravitated to running. No one to pass to, no goal to aim for, just put one foot in front of the other. I can do that.
After high school I loved running because of the people I got to know in the process. My friends who are runners are like my teammates except we're busier and don't train together. But we are bonded together by the mutual striving and I think it still counts. So I'm going to train for another marathon (maybe two!) next year. It's a lofty goal, but isn't that what physical endeavor is all about? Beating the odds and coming out on top? So I'm sending my goal out into cyber space to keep me on track and keep me from backing down. You, my select few readers (I'm guessing there's maybe five of you?) are witnesses to my commitment. Keep me honest. And come run with me!


Cheryl said…
Way to go Amy!! Which marathon are you going to run? Wish I could commit with you but I think that would kill me. But I'm here to cheer you on!

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