The marathon

This is my marathon folks, the Mount Desert Island Marathon what better way to keep on keepin' on than in one of the most beautiful places in my lovely northern-most state in the U.S. of A? The course includes down town Bar Harbor, a good stretch of running next to the ocean and a run around the only true fjord in on the Atlantic coast. It looks to have some substantial hill climbing, but the last 1.2 miles is all down hill. Yip to the E to the double E! (I remember the end of the Salt Lake marathon is flat, flat, flat- it's a little discouraging. It looks like it is a challenging marathon, but I've got a year to prepare: race day is October 16, 2011.
I've been to Acadia once with my family a LONG time ago and it was breathtaking I am so excited to explore it again by running for a really, really, really long time. So, to the game plan. I am still deciding whether it will be one or two marathons next year. The deciding factor will be whether I can find one that is relatively close, in a cool location and in May or June of next year. Any ideas? Let the running begin in earnest! Will I do it in vibrams? Probably not. But I will definitely be training quite a bit in them. I'm going to get a more minimalist shoe, and if it works out, I'll run my races in that. I used to have a little sheet that had a great marathon training schedule on it, but alas, it is lost. The hunt begins for it's replacement.


Kristin said…
Looks AMAZING!!! It makes me want to do it too! Wow. Talk about an incredible location. So I am 80% close to commiting to doing the Washington DC marathon in March. Maybe you could do that one? There's also one in PA in April.
Erika said…
Yay! You will do great.

I would join you, but 26.2 miles is about 22.2 too many.

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