Bean's weekend update

Bean is doing great. He is working hard at sprouting hair, blowing spit bubbles, grabbing his toes and being really, really ridiculously good looking. He's succeeding on all counts. Plus, he has developed quite a repertoire of activities whilst nursing:

Prairie dogging - that's when he pops his head up every 2 seconds to see what's going on, when his Dad enters the room, when the phone rings, when the shadow from the trees outside moves on the floor, you get the picture.

The Dean Karnazus - (a famous ultramarathon runner. when he decides he's in it for the long haul. Long term nursing. We're talking an entire hour people. Then when he's finished he gives me this smile like he did the most amazing thing ever.

The teenage date - this kid better not be practicing for when he grows up, but this is when his face is occupied with the task at hand and his hand is busy trying to find something interesting to grab.

The angry badger - Thrashing around like he's been caught straying too far from the badger den he wildly tries to free himself from my clutches while still trying to eat. When eating becomes a sport, Bean will rise to the top of the podium. I never knew breast feeding could be an aerobic activity.

The Jimmy Kimmel - (a well known late night talk show host with narcolepsy) When eating proves to be to much and the little guy just... can't... finish... with out a cat-nap.

And finally,
The Beanster Special- When he finishes, looks up at me, cracks a huge grin and starts to babble like he wants to tell me all about his day. Seriously. This little one is the best.


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