Food glorious food

Bean made his first foray into the world of solid foods yesterday. I know, it was momentous. He had a little mashed bananas - it blew his little baby mind I tell you; eyes wide, arms flapping, grunting with excitement - like a fat kid learning to swim. Tonight we gave him a little rice cereal. Again, it changed his life in meaningful ways. Call me crazy, but I swear he's been trying to get me to let him try solid food for weeks now. I feel terrible every time I eat in front of him. The desire was palpable. Sometimes when I would bring the spoon to my mouth he would open his mouth too, maybe hoping for some judiciously placed spillage. Have you ever had someone not get anything when you go out to eat but then watch every bite you put in your mouth until you are like "Fine! Just have some!". It's like that every time I eat. It was starting to wear on me. I was developing a twitch. I swear he undressed my Cheerios with his eyes the other day. So it begins. I am excited for this new step, but I guess I'm a little surprised it came so soon. And I think Bean is happy that I finally figured out what he's been trying to say.


Rachel said…
So I saw your FB post about your blog and had to come check you. Glad I did. Such fun reading. And adorable pictures of Beck.
Marge said…
I feel the same way about eating in front of my little man. He watches and wants. We're headed out of town for a week so I'm not going to think about it until then. Glad it's going well! Send any advice my way:)
Pam Baumeister said…
Yay! Let the colorful poops begin!

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