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Feminist Friday -Meet Amy M.C. Beach

I attended a storytelling workshop recently for teachers.  In a room of 99% women the storyteller, a man, proceeded to spin entertaining stories with 100% male protagonists.  He was a lovely person, but story after story I kept hoping to hear about a girl, a woman who was clever, or kind or adventurous and who overcame the odds.  I talked with him about it after the class and to his credit, he admitted it had never really occurred to him that women might have a hard time connecting to all-male stories.  Reading history books is much the same.  Stories of incredible men abound.  That is nice and all, but I want to know what the humans that look like me and have had some of the same social experiences I have were doing too.  This is what drew me to study history, and because I'm a musician, I look at it through the lens of music.  Feminist history is just the other side of the coin of history.  Feminist history is just more-complete-human-history.  So let me introduce you to one of …

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