In which I admit to doing something stereotypically female

I like chocolate. Sigh. I know, I know. and I cut my hair short when I had a kid and I like to shop. I should request power tools for Christmas just to counteract all the stereotypes I'm currently channelling. Anyway, I swore off sugar when I got pregnant with Beck. Then I decided I needed an escape clause so I didn't kill someone. That escape was a little dark chocolate every once in a while. Now that Beck's here, I still try not to eat sugary things, but my love of dark chocolate has only gotten stronger. Since it's pretty much my only sweet, I have a ranking system for the chocolate I consume:
Hersheys: Only to be eaten in situations of DIRE hunger. Such as, I don't have the usual apple or other snack in my bag, I'm far from home and STARVING and I forget that Hershey's isn't all that great and might make the chocolate lover in me die a little on the inside.
M &M's in moments of weakness... I'm not going to lie, someone who really knows their chocolate stuff may rate them on the same level as a Hershey's bar, but these little babies are TASTY! I think it's a guilty pleasure, like loving gourmet cheese but still loving Cheetos (I am guilty of both).
Ghiradelli - Good, not the most amazing, but I can't eat it right now. I think it makes Beck gassy.
Lindt - the standby. The war horse. The chocolate I can count on. The taste is always satisfying. Their dark chocolate has the right amount of creamy bitter and sweet that I love.
Green and Blacks - Splurge. Mmmmm. Has a bit more of a subtle flavor, but VERY satisfying.
Lady Godiva - Another splurge. May be better than Green and Blacks but I'd have to do a side by side test. Points to anyone who sets up said side by side test, by the way. So yummy that I had one piece two weeks ago and I've thought about it probably every day at least once since. I don't have a problem. Stop judging me.
This chocolate shop on the 7th floor (I think) of of Saks Fifth Avenue - Oh-my-word-this-is-amazing-I-may-need-to-sit-down-while-I-eat-this-and-I-may-make-soft-moaning-sounds-while-I-do-so-don't-stand-so-close-you-may-get-creeped-out. This chocolate is oh so heavenly.

Last week I found a new love. Lindt dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. Sounds weird I know. But salt's a flavor enhancer, right? I makes that chocolate flavor snuggle up to your tastebuds like a cheap prom date. It's Ha-maz-ing.


SusanThombs said…
Amy, if you like dark chocolate with sea salt, you NEED to try Madecasse sea salt & nibs chocolate. It's certainly not cheap ($5 a bar), but it is seriously the best chocolate I've ever had. I'm eating a piece as I type this in fact. Remember that a small piece of dark chocolate is good for you, so no need to feel guilty! Oh, and the Madecasse brand is from Madagascar and the cocoa farmers are pad above fair trade prices- double bonus.

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