Raw food and Moby Dick, an update

So I recently blogged about my discovery of the world of raw food and how it has been helping Jeff and I to lose weight and feel great. We are still eating about 5 raw food dinners a week, and about 3 or so lunches. The rest of the dinners are still mostly vegetarian (remember Food Inc? Also, grass fed beef is expensivo!) but not as high in fiber. Well, we've hit a bit of a plateau. I know I can't lose weight forever, but I was hoping this momentum would see me through about 5-7 more pounds. Sigh. Like all life changes, it looks like this diet thing will need a bit more tweaking. I think we need to address breakfast (which right now is TOTALLY random stuff as I try to make sure the Bean gets fed) and snacks. Raw food does fill me up, but I've noticed hunger comes on with a vengance when it does strike and I start eyeing my arm as a possible protein source. It get's pretty despirate. Sooooo, I'm headed back to the drawing board as I plan next weeks menu and I'll let you know what I find!


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