The haircut

It's not the first, not the last, but it just happened to be documented.
Here goes (perhaps next time we should get bigger scissors, I believe those are eyebrow trimmers!):
We let the Bean watch some "Baby TV" on youtube so he would sit still. He sat still alright, but I'm afraid that red butterfly was going to eat his soul.

"I will obey Baby TV..."

The Bean now demonstrates some sweet styling and how you too can achieve "The Bean" style.

It really doesn't look that different, we basically just made it so it didn't fall in his eyes. I can't bear to cut too much of that gorgeous hair.


dstangl said…
He has such a sweet little baby face. I hate cutting Finn's hair; it shows all the cut marks and my lack of skill. I'm taking him to Cookie Cutters today where he too can zone out to some baby TV.

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