It was a grand day out

A few weekends ago my sister came out to Boston to visit on her way to her 20th highschool reunion. She stayed with us for a few days and we LOVED having her there. On her last evening with us Jeff offered to stay home with the Bean so Sis and I could go out on the town. We had such fun! I know it might be old hat, but I love Boston's Public Gardens.

They are so picturesque and nearly always have interesting musicians in different corners of the garden. These guys were AMAZING!
They were all from the Berkley School of Music, so it is a good thing they were worth their salt. I always give to street musicians if I stop to enjoy their music and I have the money. Call me silly, but I feel a kinship to any struggling musician. Anywho, we had a great time exploring the city, watch some amazing break dancers,

and had some great Italian food in the North End. Hurrah!
P.S. At the end of the night there were these guys setting up a watermelon stand for the next day and I bought one. The guy gave me the biggest one he had and I had to carry it on the subway all the way home. I think it was heavier than the Bean. The things we do for visiting sisters and delicious fruit.


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