My dream last night post #5

So I was going out my door with Beck for some reason and discovered that in the stairwell, my 90 year old upstairs neighbor (that part is true, I really do have a 90 year old upstairs neighbor) had built a Rube Goldberg machine. It contained numerous 5-gallon buckets, gumballs, spools of thread and I believe a few goldfish bowls. It was not quite as impressive as the one by OK-Go, but considering that in my dream she had given birth to a little girl some months past I decided to give her some slack. I think I had moved something inadvertently trying to get a gumball before she came out of her apartment, and so when she tried to show it to me it didn't work until she tinkered with it. While she was doing said tinkering some of her friends arrived to see the baby. Since she was busy, the machine was blocking the stairwell, and Bean was already in my arms, I suggested they just come and see Bean instead since he was clearly cuter. My neighbor didn't argue with that one.
And now, a Rube Goldberg machine that I could only wish would be in my dreams:


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