Let's just call a spade a spade

Have any of you taken the color test? It is supposed to tell you what your personality traits are and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. I don't live by it, I took the test a long time ago, but I came out as Red/Blue. Anyway, what I got from it at the time was that I am assertive and I like to be a leader (Red), but if I cross some hidden propriety line in my head I have to go back and fix it/apologize (Blue). Bleh. I'm not one of those to go around speaking my mind or saying unkind things just because they 'needed to be said' but I do get nervous sometimes when I let the less polished side of me out.
So here's a confession for you. I love the word damn. It's not one of those REALLY bad swear words. It never makes me feel that guilty, just maybe a little edgy. Honestly, there are some occasions that just need a damn. Now, I'm not saying I think it's OK to say it all the time; there is definitely a time and a place.
When I think Jeff looks extra sexy?
You bet.
When Bean does something I don't like?
No way.
When I'm congratulating myself on a high C well done?
You bet your sweet patootie.
When I mess up in front of my avenging angel voice teacher?
Yeah, Probably not.
The list goes on. But what I'm getting at is that I (and I think most people) have beautiful, wonderful, classy things about them and then there is all the rest of the stuff they do. Why can't all those parts be visible side by side? Everybody wants to be loved for who they are, right? I still want to be the best version of who I am, but I think the spicy/quirky parts of us all make us more interesting and understandable.
Last week I wrote a blog post and ended it with a "Hot Damn!" and then I chickened out and changed it to "Hip, hip, hooray!". Well, that just doesn't quite convey the same thing, does it? Hip, hip, hooray seems tame in the face of the mighty exultation: Hot Damn. So, though I hope this doesn't offend (I hope you still love me, Mom and Dad I promise I still go to church and pray morning and night - but really it was your fault for letting me listen to that one man show about J. Golden Kimball), the Hot Damn is here to stay.


Kate said…
hip hip hooray for the fact that we are friends. when can we play?
Kristin said…
Can I get a "Hot Damn?"

You always had my support! :()
Meesh said…
I'm still wondering about the reaction when I let lose a swear word around Mom and Dad, but props to you for letting it go! (To be read in your best Ralphy voice, "Hooray for Damn!"
Deidre said…
Not offended. I like the word damn too. :)

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