My dream last night post #6

So I dreamt that my family had a crypt in which the bones of our predecessors were kept and I was told it was my job to go count how many coffins were in there so they could plan who else would fit in the crypt.
The crypt turned out to look a lot like a supply room in an office and the "coffins" were actually those insulated pizza box carrying cases in two stacks on the counter of the crypt/supply room. I was slightly creeped out when given the original task, but it turns out our crypt was all modern-y. It had electrical outlets, a place to make copies and was well lit and friendly; not at all what one would expect from the resting place of one's progenitors.
The pizza-box-carrier coffins were about the size of a large pie-so I assume it was just bones in there (how they got the skull in there I don't know). Anyway, I counted the stacks but kept having to go back realizing that some of the pizza boxes were actually folded up lawn chairs(there were 15 by the way - coffin/pizza boxes that is). Who keeps lawn chairs in a crypt? Seriously.
Anyway, a few running buddy's showed up after I finished to talk about how to PR on a race and I decided to look in all the cupboards before I left. They were all full of super cool office supplies. I LOVE office supplies. Stacks of markers in really cool colors, blank cds, journals, paper and cool pens. Am I in heaven? No, just in the family crypt. Anyway, I decided since it was my family it would be OK to stock up, so I helped myself. Then I looked out the door and noticed it was right across the street from the Bertucci's in Watertown.
The end.


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