My dreams last night. Post #3

So last night I dreamed I was standing at the edge of a pool and realized that it was full of tadpoles that were quickly growing into bullfrogs. They were growing into big bullfrogs, that would drag you into the pool with them. So I ran away. Melanie, the winner of So You Think You Can Dance, chased me and tried to drag me into the pool (I suspect she was half frog, but I couldn't prove it). I tried to beat her off until she said: "Why do you keep hitting me?".
"um, because you won't let me go!"
And that was my dream.

Dream #2

Then I had a dream that Johnny Knoxville (whom I have NEVER liked as an actor - blech) gave Jeff and I these special chocolate bars that were only for cool people. I thought, as he gave me the chocolate: "Well, I guess he can't be all bad". We were all hanging out in the kitchen in my old house in Maine, Johnny was sitting on the dryer. As we were discussing the chocolate (it came with stickers so you could label each square with the months of the year). I half heartedly got out the stickers, which didn't really make any sense to me, so I just started to eat the chocolate. Jeff got a mysterious phone call on the old school phone on the wall (it had a very long cord that could stretch all the way across the kitchen) from a guy that said if he wanted to buy an HP touch pad (they are being discontinued and are VERY hard to find) he had to meet him in a half hour.
And that was my other dream.

The End.


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