I love a piano

If you don't know that song, by the way, it is by Irving Berlin. Once apon a time a good friend decided she didn't want her little toy piano anymore and I jumped at the opportunity and now the Bean has his very own! He loves it, though we do have to stop him from climbing on top of it, OFTEN.
It's definitely a cure for piano-envy from which Beck was recently suffering. Every time I'd go to practice he'd climb up on the (real) piano bench and pound on the piano. It makes it a bit hard to concentrate on technique and vowel placement when you are making sure your child doesn't swan dive off the piano bench. This was a welcome addition to the family. So far, I don't mind the noise at all.


Emilia said…
love it and love the pictures!!! :)
jon and em said…
Oh my, he is a natural! He has the most precious little face and adorable hair. I just love him!

Any chance you're planning a trip to Utah in October:)
Jenn said…
Hooray! Happy to see it go to the perfect home!

I too am glad to find your blog . . . and your other blog that looks like it might be somewhat deserted? Who knew you were a poet? I think you and I need to have more conversations that do not necessarily involve Primary and babies. We could probably be kindred spirits! Seriously.

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