Kristi and Ava come to visit!

I have known Kristi since I was 5 years old. I'm not sure on the details, but I think my Dad called up her Mom and said something like "I think they want to hang out." And the rest, folks, is history. We had sleep overs as much as we possibly could, I spent the weeks at their cottage on Long Island (the one in Maine, that is) in the summers and we talked nearly every day. I think at some point we agreed to buy houses next to eachother with matching pink rocking chairs when we were old and grey. When I went off to college, we lost contact for a while, but now that I'm back in the East, we can pick up where we left off. This last week Kristi and her little girl came down from Westbrook, Maine for two days. It was so much fun!
Mostly we just hung out and our little ones played together but we went into Boston and walked around, rode the T, had lunch...

and watched them take down the Chrismas tree in Haymarket. They actually cut it down, limb by limb. I got one of the guys working on it to get me an ornament. I am now in possession of a lovely Christmas ornament as big as my head. I think we'll hang it in the middle of the room next Christmas like a disco ball for elves.

It was great fun and over too soon!


Pam Baumeister said…
So nice to see you two back together again! Childhood friends are the best. Kristi and her daughter Ava are are you and Beck.
That ornament sounds cool, too! :)
Kristi said…
Thanks for this! It was a good time :) Ava is still talking about it with me. She misses Beck and even talks about him at daycare although the other kids are confused as to who Beck is. Oh, thanks for not blogging about the runaway stroller incident (I may need counseling for that) :) Love ya!

Kristi and Ava ;)

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