I love Radio Lab. Just accept it.

If you talk to me more than once, chances are I'll bring up Radio Lab. Radio Lab is a radio program that talks about all kinds of scientific phenomenon and what effect it has on the human condition. I learned that the game tic-tac-toe is virtually a world wide game, that the CPR dummy was actually modeled after a real drowning victim from the 1800's, how dogs were domesticated, how running prevented seizures and oh, so much more. Did you know that pigeons mate for life? Yeah, I totally knew that. All this information doesn't really serve in a practical sense. But it sure gives me something to say when conversation runs dry at a party.

The last program I listened to was about stress; what it is and what it does to our bodies. Did you know that the reason why your mouth gets dry when you are stressed, or nervous, is because your body is shutting down all unnecessary functions and your digestive system is the first to go? I could go on, but you should just listen to it. You're welcome.


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