A singer with "God in his throat"

I love when this happens. I found the most beautiful song yesterday that I've never heard before. I follow Jessica Duchen's classical music blog and found "Ombra di nube". The title means "The shadow of a cloud" and was written by the Italian composer Lincinio Refice. I think I'll let Ms. Duchen take it from here:
I have yet to get the whole story on this composer, but Refice (1885-1954) was a priest who taught at the Scuola Pontifica for sacred music for most of his life. "Ombra di nube" is from his first opera, Cecilia, a story of the patron saint of music. As Ms. Duchen put it, "he sought a singer 'with God in their throat' " to perform this piece. He found Claudia Muzio, and we find another singer with the same gift in Jonas Kaufman. The words of "Ombra di Nube" as Ms. Duchen wrote, "are a prayer, a plea and a reminder of the eternal beauty that remains when the pain goes."

With a voice like that, the pain indeed goes and and only beauty remains. It's pieces like this that always make me happy to be alive.


scooping it up said…
I love this, I love getting tidbits of good music from you.

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