January snow

The Bean got his first sled last year around Christmas time from our landlady, Blanche (Bean calls her "Anche"). Last weekend we finally (the word finally is a total joke, I have been loving every day without snow. I guess I need to invest in some cross country skis again. Because snow does NOT make running more fun) got the chance to use it. The little man took to the snow like a fish to water. It made me hate winter 5% less.

It was actually pretty fun pulling him around on that little sled, we just got into trouble when he wanted me to ride with him. Mama's butt and that sled were not meant to be together. Needless to say it was an awkward ride down the hill.
*No, Jeff hasn't taken a second job as a crossing guard, he is about to leave for a run.


scooping it up said…
i've heard crossing guards are the new hip career. don't dismiss it. ;)
Kristin said…
I'm most proud of this post for just the fact that Jeff was heading out in the cold for a run! Way to go Jeff!

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