What the Bean and I watched this morning

Ok, this interpretation of Bach's prelude to Cello Suite No. 1 may offend your purist sensibilities, but I am almost to the point that the cello can do no wrong. No, this song is not played the way Bach indended it, but since Bach was a teacher his entire life, I think he would have appreciated someone building on his work. I especially like the little "Ave Maria" quote in there since these unaccompanied cello suites were originally written just after Bach returned from Italy to find his beloved wife had taken ill and passed away in his absence. The cello suites are such a beautiful tribute. Anywho. I digress. Here's the cool song we found.


Kristin said…
Funny. I just watched this yesterday as well! He's superb!
Emilia said…
I went to high school with Steve. He was incredible then and even more so now. I love the stuff he's doing!
Kate said…
i'll say it once and i'll say it again: put me in the middle of that circle and i am gone to a happy place.

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