Inspiration for the Bean

Yeah, my son totally sounds like this:

OK, so maybe not, but he was tearin' it up on the harmonica this morning. We watched this video and Bean was captivated. He clapped after it was over.
Bean has also has been working on his vocabulary. Here he is saying "dain" which is, of course "train".

I realized a few days ago that all that gibberish he's been saying is actually about 50-60% real words. It's like living with someone with a really thick accent that is trying to speak English.
For example: "Mamawasat?" means "Mama, what's that?" and "ooooohhhh, zabahebaduck!" means, "oooooh "That's a, help me see (lift me up) the truck!!". It's definitely a work in progress. Sometimes I feel like I get it, but sometimes he gets the polite "oh" in a sing-songy voice, because I have no idea what he's talking about. (Don't worry, if you've gotten that same response, it means totally the same thing). I don't know if he knows he's doing it, but sometimes when I'm talking to him, Bean will give a sing songy "oooh " in response. Love it.
Bean still maintains that he needs a working mess before he can begin any literary pursuits. I feel the same way.

Speaking of literary pursuits, we recently discovered a really funny, very silly book at the library called A Near Thing for Captain Najork. It reminded me of the silly sense of humor that runs in my family.

I believe the illustrator is the same man who did a lot of Roald Dahl's books. Man, I can't wait until my little guy is old enough to discover Roald Dahl!


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