Dinner theatre

Bean likes to eat. But there is one caveat: he must be entertained. Spatula in hand, he opens his mouth willingly, but drop the spatula and that little pie-hole of his shuts up like he was Guantanimo and the spoon is Michael Moore. He needs entertainment people! Oh, and his entertainment has to vary. Wire wisk may be a huge hit for dinner, but try and bring it out for breakfast the next day and he is like a uppity New York food critic. So we cycle through the baby-safe kitchen utensils and sometimes Jeff or I will dance, yes, dance for our little guy. Sometimes I make up a Sousa-like march and pump the ladle up and down like a baton, that worked for breakfast this morning. Jeff and I have rocked out to various funk tunes much to our baby's culinary delight. But as soon as we stop the shenanigans he's just not that into it. We know he's still hungry, does anyone else have this problem?


Pam Baumeister said…
Try letting him feed himself. :) Funny post, Amy.

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