Today's run

Today's run was shorter than planned, just 7.3 miles and on the same ol' - same ol' route. But it was heaven on earth and here is why:
1. The sunshine, oh, the sunshine. I wore my running skirt for the first time in the season and it felt scrumptious.
2. I listened to my voice lesson during my run - I feel like I've been improving and hearing it just solidified that. As far as singing goes the ol' ego has taken a beating in the last year or so, so hearing the progress I made was like a an ego full-body-massage.

That's all folks.


Kathleen said…

Just updated your posts on facebook after being out of the country for eight days. So good to read the little slices of your life. What fun! Of course, your little charmer is all that and your stories, comments are such fun! Love you! MOM

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