Oh Happy Day!

A few days ago my dear friend and her husband flew out to Utah to adopt their newborn daughter. This isn't just any friend, she was my MTC companion, one half of the companionship against which all other companionships should be judged. Seriously, the gold standard. We still congratulate each other regularly on how fantastic our companionship was. I believe that part of the reason I went on a mission was to meet and learn from this girl. But enough gushing, well, you can never have enough gushing. My friend and her husband have been wanting a baby for years now and finally they found a birth mother and things just clicked. The night they flew out, I was so excited I couldn't sleep. So, for my sweet Emily, Jon and their little girl Asha, I wrote this:

An evenig never dawned so bright,
Welcome to the earth, my love.
I'll hold you with my heart this night.

To meet you seemed beyond my sight,
Prayers fled my room like a wounded dove,
Yet an evening never dawned so bright.

God caught my prayers in crooked flight,
Painted them on the sky above.
I'll hold you in my heart this night.

The pain is gone and all's made right,
When spirit filled this tiny glove,
An evening never dawned so bright.

To think there's more joy, and more height,
Is more than this throat can sing of,
So I'll hold you with my hear this night.

My eyes awake from dream to sight,
So pure, it brands me with heat, white,
An evenin never dawned so bright,
As I hold you in my arms this night.

Congratulations my dear Familia Wade, may you find all the happiness in parenthood that Jeff and I have found!


Pam Baumeister said…
Beautiful poem, Amy. That is truly your talent, my love.

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