My dream last night #2

I was an observer in a chocolate shop that provided the chocolate tips to Cupid's arrows (how appropriate that the arrow that causes someone to fall in love would have a chocolate tip! Way to go subconscious!!). Evidently, cupid was more of a job title than an actual person because several cupids came and went while I was dreaming. Cupid looked more like a blue collar job and they certainly didn't resemble the conventional cherub that I thought got this type of gig. All the cupids sported plaid shirts and I swear I saw one with cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve. Most of them looked like they might have a CB radio on their belt ("breaker, breaker, this is pink angel, come in fuzzy britches, do you read me?"). The shop was just a conventional chocolate shop, run by a slightly frumpy middle-aged woman who seemed way to fastidious and cranky to be the main supplier of the source of loves sweet beginnings. Whenever a cupid came in the wind inexplicably blow to announce his arrival and the tired chocolatetier would sigh and say: "They are in the corner" as the wind blew her latest project all over the place.
And that was it. Sorry the next time I dream I'll try and make it a full story.


Kristin said…
I think this is my favorite one so far.
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