Oh what two weeks can do...

I am constantly amazed at what happens in the life of a baby in just two weeks. It would be like you asking me what I've been up to and me saying "Oh, I just learned how to sword fight, can speak fluent Portuguese and can make a perfect chocolate soufle". All of the sudden our little man is not only crawling but pulling himself up on furniture, clapping, giving kisses and sprouting three new teeth all at once (this is in addition to the 3 he already has). Here's some pics of his latest exploits.

Still rockin' the bear suit when it I run on cold days.
He isn't scared of the bathtub anymore! Yay!


dstangl said…
I love that last picture of Beck in the box. He looks very happy with himself, yet a little mischievous too. From this age on it just gets more exciting every day.
Pam Baumeister said…
Aaaaa! He's so cute, Amy! Thanks for sharing. Give him lots of kisses from me.

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