It's so.... twee!!!!

I learned a new word. My sister Pam, who now works for (a website chock full of baby stuff at very discounted prices - it is addictive, you should go there immediately after ogling my pics of my adorable baby), brought this fantastic word to my attention. Twee, is the British word for pretty, sweet or excessively sentimental. She used it to describe this adorable outfit she sent to Bean:

Oh, my word, it is SO twee. Don't you just love this word? I totally want it to catch on in the states. Cute is just so over-used. Give that tired word a break with this lovely little word from across the pond. You'll be glad you did.


Joel said…
Come on, give the poor kid some pants. No male, regardless of age, should wear thigh-high socks.
Pam Baumeister said…
Amy, I'm so glad you like the word. Twee is the new black.

Joel, I am crying from the laughter your post has incited. You are one funny guy. But, Beck is a, I guess he's stuck wearing whatever his mommy puts him in. Behold! The power of Mom! Bwwaaaa ha ha ha haaaa!!

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