Sicky McSick-sick

It seems like every February I get to this same place. Sick for the umteenth time with a raging head cold and dying to find the miracle cure to prop up my flagging immune system. I've oft compared my immune system (I will refer to it from now on as Izzy) to a one-legged puppy. Helpless, barely able to get around and pretty sad to look at. Right now he's got a black eye too from the last beating a nasty virus gave him. Poor fella. So here are the things I have heard will help poor, poor Izzy get his groove back. Some of them I've tried, some of them I'm willing to try.

1. Vitamin C - It usually does work, perhaps it would have lessened the intensity of this oh-so-intense cold.
2. Hot sock cold sock - this is a homeopathic remedy, first you soak your feet in hot water for 10 minutes, then you put on a thin pair of cold wet (rung out, of course) socks and then a pair of thicker, dry socks and hop into bed. I haven't tried this one yet this time, but it has yielded inconsistent results in the past.
3. Sleep - I'm doin the work cap'n! I really do try.
4. Water
5. Healthy living. Eating foods full of nutrients instead of empty calories, exercising, taking care of your body.
6. Immunity of Theives - it is a bottle of essential oils which proportedly helps your immune system when you rub it on the bottoms of your feet each day. I am willing to try it. I'm the girl who ate her placenta, remember. If you told me there was something in octapus's eyeballs that would save poor Izzy I might consider it.
7. Neti pot - If you don't know what that is, check out this link: Neti Pots
8. Various and sundry teas - Throat coat, Gypsy cold care, Peppermint, Camomille, etc. These really do help.
9. Garlic - I've heard lots about this, but have no idea if it helps or not.

Ok folks, what am I missing? What do you do to keep yourself on the non-sicky-pants side of things?


Kathleen said…
I'm SO sorry that you're feeling under the weather. It is NO fun to be sick or sicky or sickly--however you say it, there's no fun in it.

Right now, we're using a homeopathic pill purchased at a healthfood store that seems to keep colds away. It's called "Dr. Shin's Yin Chiao" pills. This is a "Chinese herbal remedy historically used at the first sign of a cold or when exposed to someone with a cold." The dosage is 3 tablets initially and then 3 tablets every three or four hours for the remainder of the day. It is made in the USA and has no drugs dyes or animal products, endangered speies or preservatives in it. A bottle of 200 tablets costs about $25.00, as I remember, so it isn't cheap. However, if it keeps you well, and it seems to have done that for us, it is worth it.

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