Happy Valentines Day

I heard this song soon after I met Jeff. It will always make me think of him. What? I didn't cry when I typed that. I also totally didn't cry when I watched this video. Whatever.

And ... for those of you who are celebrating Singles Awareness Day. Here's a little something for you.

Happy Valentine's day everyone. May you all feel very loved today.


dstangl said…
I *love* the Flight of the Conchords!
Pam Baumeister said…
Sweet song by Peter Gabriel! I never heard that one before.

Those FOC guys are ridiculously funny. Thanks for sharing that one, too. I think I'll use the "onion" line next time I cry. ;)
Erika said…
HAHA! Kurt was out of town last weekend, so I watched a few Flight of the Conchords episodes.... including that one. Why are they so funny?

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