8 whole months!

Everyone said it would, but I never believed them but time with Bean has gone by so fast! He is already 2/3rds of a year old! Unbelievable. I have to say, at this stage in the game, sometimes it's frustrating, sometimes I'm exhausted, but most of the time I just want to kiss his squishy cheeks and snuggle him til the cows come home. Here's an update on the Beanminster Fullerine:
1. He has two teeth!
2. He LOVES his Johnny Jump Up like no body's business and will jump vigorously whenever I sing "The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers".
3. He laughs when ever I do my warm-ups (singing) and will try and sing high when I practice high notes.
4. He can push himself up on his arms, he can draw his knees under himself, but he can't do them together yet. He's really good at pushing himself backwards and in a circle, however.
5. He's stubborn just like his parents. 'Nuf said.
6. He is the most adorable, happy, fantastic, adorable, squishy, soft skinned, kissable, adorable baby EVER!


Meesh said…
He is freaking adorable, Amy! Congratulations on your part in creating an amazingly beautiful boy.
Love you!
makajeda said…
Oh my goodness! These picts just made me want to jump right into the computer and be with this sweet little boy. Thanks for the next to being there with you best ever treat! Hugs and more!


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