My dream last night

Gweneth Paltrow froze with her Swedish K in hand (I can only imagine it was that as I had just seen one on RED the week before) and I sat crouched on the top of the bathroom stall like cat woman while a woman adjusted her dress and mussed with her hair. We were nearly done now, the item was in our possession, all we had to do was get out of the ladies bathroom undetected.
We were an elite team of... well I wasn't sure who we worked for, but whomever it was, they stocked us well with really cool spy gadgets. I shot a steel cable out of my hip-hugging utility belt and swung silently to the ground. We three moved silently through the window to the waiting car and then to the safe house we had designated.
We all breathed a sigh of relief as we talked about the mission to our handler in what looked like a gourmet kitchen and the "package" sat on the counter, safe and ready to be brought to headquarters to be analyzed. The information we had just taken was stored individually wrapped a slice of American cheese. There on the counter, was the cheese. Next to it was a pile of regular, not-top-secret American cheese. I put it in the fridge so we wouldn't get them mixed up as I thought what if we got the wrong cheese? What if we get this to the lab and they are all like "uh, this is just slightly sweaty processed cheese." Would we get a chance to go back and get the right cheese? How are they going to get the information off of a slice of cheese anyway? Is there a special cheese drive on their computer? Is there a special agent who eats the cheese as part of the analysis? Do they make top secret government omelettes afterwards? " Aaaaand then I woke up.


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