I figured since I am blogging this at home with my sick son (he's just got a cold, don't panic, Mom) while my husband goes to church to teach our Sunday school class full of 5-year-old children, I'd use a churchy title. For my readers who aren't churchy, that title refers to a children's song titled: "Give, said the Little Stream".

But, I digress. It's a Kyle Company inaugural give-away! A while ago, I found the pattern for this hat on

I made my first hat for Beck:

Then I tweaked the pattern and tried to make a bigger hat for a toddler and ended up with an adult sized hat (and by adult, I mean it can fit my head, not Jeff's):

Then I did some more tweaking and made a hat with bigger spikes, a chin strap and a better fitting hat band:

So here is the giveaway.
1. To the first commenter who requests it, I will send the adult sized hat.
2. To the first commenter that requests it, I will make a baby sized hat with chin straps. (specify for a boy or a girl).
DON'T put your address in the comment itself. If I don't already have your contact info, email me instead.

Good luck!


Jessica Clark said…
I want the baby one! My son, Will, will love it. He's really into pulling hats on and off lately.
Marge said…
I want whatever you will give me!
blogging at home can be super while taking care of sick kiddo. I have found that they are not always that sick. :)

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