It was a great weekend. Songs were sung, a race was run, and it all ended with a very bad pun. Seriously though, here are my three things I'm grateful for to catch up for the weekend:

1. I made it through my recital without exploding. It could happen. Seriously though, I felt very loved and supported both by my loved ones and by my Heavenly Father for helping me do the best I knew how. I still have some work to do before I submit a recording with my application, but I was grateful to feel a sense of peace and joy as I sang on Saturday night. I had been going through a period of serious self doubt about the whole thing just a few weeks before, and I am grateful for having found the tools I needed to feel prepared for the recital (which included starting work on this book again, as well as movement based warm-ups to free up my stressed-out, crazy tense body, affirmations and energy work from this book - I'm such a hippie.)

2. Jeff rocked his race yesterday. I am so proud of him! He killed his last half marathon time, beating it by 18 minutes!! Wow! I barely made it to the finish line (Bean and I were cheering him on along the course) when he came sprinting in. Way to go, Jeff! His buddy, Justin also ROCKED it, by the way - Yeah Justin!

3. We got hand-me-downs in the nick of time. Just when I was running out of clothes for our little guy and coming upon a new season (anything that fit him was shorts and t-shirts!)we got some great clothes for the Bean for winter from my neighbor and Jeff's co-worker. It was great to be able to outfit our little man without breaking the bank!
This brown hoodie is his favorite, by the way. Even if he's wearing his footie pajamas, if that hoodie is within reach he will bring it to me so I can put it on him. Then he happily pats the dog that sits right over his belly, content as can be. It's adorable.


Rob said…
I totally thought you wrote "My rectal..." Which didn't make any since to me at all, so I read your post. Good luck with your application! And have you considered acupuncture for your tenseness? I've been researching it a lot lately and it's pretty cool stuff. Gotta free up those chakras. I want to learn acupunture so I can stick needles in myself... And that sounds almost as bad as performing well at a rectal.

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