I have come to terms that I'm not going to get in a gratitude post every day, but when I get them in, I'll make 'em count. So here's what I'm grateful for.
1. The first voice teacher to tell me that I had a beautiful voice. When I started graduate school I was actually a music theory major and had no confidence in my singing voice. I had just come from a pretty cut-throat music school where I got my bachelors and where if you weren't the child of a faculty member you pretty much wouldn't amount to anything. It was tough. Then I met Carol. I think the first few times she told me I had a "beautiful instrument" I didn't believe her. What a difference a teacher can make. What a difference someone who believes in you can make!! I am grateful for Carol, and how her confidence in me changed the course of my life.

2. I am grateful for beautiful music. I heard this song for the first time yesterday and fell in love. I believe it was raining at the time. Where would I be without music with that much soul? I am certainly a better, happier person because of it.
"I think it's gonna rain today" - Norah Jones


Emilia said…
love that song...and her! :)

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