Chasing the bandwagon

It's November 3rd and all the cool kids started their gratitude blogs two days ago. So, like most of my life, I'm jumping on the bandwagon from a dead sprint to join the already-started-party.

So. Today I am grateful for three things (to catch up). I'm grateful for my lungs. They may be asthmatic, but they are the reason why I can talk, sing, and run.

I am also grateful for sunshine. It warms my body and my soul and reminds me that though winter is coming, it's not here yet.

*This picture is from the Bar Harbor Marathon (aren't you jealous!) and taken by my talented friend Kristin.
I am also grateful for wonder and how much this little guy reminds me that there is so much in this world that is worthy of our awe, curiosity and wonder.


scooping it up said…
welcome friend. love your lungs. those are your lungs, right?
The Kyles said…
I wish! I have a chest x-ray somewhere, but it isn't on the computer so I'm afraid I had to use a lung-double.

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