avec reconnaissance

Today I'm grateful for the piano duo Anderson and Roe. They are amazing. This is an exciting, classy, and artfully-sexy version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. Love it.

This next one is deliciously creepy and artsy and all that. Seriously though, the film is a bit trippy and spooky, so you've been warned*. I love the modern interpretation of Schubert's Erlkonig. The original piece is for piano and voice and tells another very dark tale. I'm usually not one for the morose, but I love the intensity and passion of this piece, the marriage of an old piece with a fresh look, that still honors the original intent.

So today, I'm grateful for the piano and those who can play it well.

*The film is shot in the Steinway factory in Queens, New York. I've totally been there! I've toured the place, and it was awesome. I just wanted you to know.


Kate said…
totally awesome. i love it. thank you for always providing us with some music. a got into this one.

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