Writers block

Lately I've been having a hard time sitting down and writing a blog post. Things have happened, they really have, but I can't seem to put it into words when I have the opportunity. The first thing-that-happened that comes to mind was that Bean met his first horse. Fred, the Clydesdale/thoroughbred mix was very patient and let Bean pat his nose for a VERY LONG TIME. We were at the Boston Gardens for the release of the swans.

I am constantly amazed by my little man every day. He learns so fast, and absorbs so much. I have been noticing lately some of the music that catches his attention. This is one that we danced to the other day and he loved it:

I think it's my new favorite version of this song. I can't wait to teach him all about music; All kinds of music.
Do you have a favorite version of an old folk song? What are you most excited to teach your kids about?


Kate said…
i don't think there is a song my dad sung more to me as a kid, and believe me he sang A LOT to me as a kid, and this version is going to make his day. thank you!

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