The Mobile

In my on-going quest to find ways to occupy my very active little guy while I am trying to change his diaper, I came up with this very cheap mobile. Here's how I made the magic happen:
1. I got some attractive looking sticks on our Sunday walk. (one long one for the top and three shorter ones for the mobile).
2. I folded 6 paper cranes out of some colored craft paper I had lying around.
3. I made the mobile with white thread and the sticks, hanging the shorter sticks at various lengths.
4. With a needle I attached a button to the bottom of the thread, poked a hole in the bottom of each crane and threaded the thread through the top center of the body and tied a crane to each end of the stick. (again varying the lengths).
5. I h

And that's it! I bet all you creative folks out there could TOTALLY improve on this little mobile, I'm thinking of making another one with origami frogs... If you do make one, post a link in the comments, I'd love to see it!
Oh, and yes, it does help keep the Little Gymnast still when I'm trying to wipe his bum.


dstangl said…
That's a good idea. I bought some cheap and colorful paper decorations from the party store to hang above Finn's changing table. He loved having something to look at.
scooping it up said…
i had wild fantasies about creating bird mobiles for my babies before they came.

then Jesse came home 5 weeks sooner than we planned. then Johnny came three months sooner than planned.

their mobiles are ugly. i had great visions, darnit.

so cute.

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