Baby got Bach

The saga continues with the struggle to feed the Bean. He just doesn't have the patience for spoonful after spoonful, I tell you, he's got things to do!! We have vacillated between bringing out the whole dog and pony show, complete with the can-can (Jeff of course), Sousa marches performed by Bear (his teddy bear - we're creative with names aren't we?) and yours truly to just putting anything in the kitchen on his tray that won't cause serious injury and/or impalement, to just holding his hands down while he whines, complains and cries (but eats!) and makes us feel like bad parents.

Sigh. So last night I turned on some music (sometimes it helps a little) and Bach's unaccompanied cello suites came on and

And he did. He stopped wiping his face and smearing food all over, waving his hands in a desperate attempt to knock the spoon out of my hands and other such things and... LISTENED. And... (this is the best part) ate. With his head cocked slightly to one side as he enjoyed the buttery sounds of the rich cello and opened his mouth wide for each bite.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
Now this isn't a cure-all, I know that, but since this lovely meal, we have played the suites again with much success as well as some Vivaldi Four Seasons and other Bach pieces (Brandenburg Concerto seems to work well, but Appalachian Spring was a no-go) and it has continued to help. Ahhhhhhh. I've said it many times and I'll say it again... Hooray for Bach!
(this is Bean just listening to the music... with no pants...)


Meesh said…
it's the only way to listen to Bach, sans pants
Pam Baumeister said…
He's not only cute, he's smart. A future orchestral enthusiast! No one can rug thru a meal when there's classical music playing. Brava, Amy. Brava!

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