Happy Birthday Faure... yesterday

Due to the Blogger hiccup, this original post was lost in the ether of the interweb. May it rest in peace. Speaking of resting in peace, Gabriel Faure, who had a birthday yesterday wrote this lovely berceuse which I just have to share. Berceuse, incidentally, means cradle song or lullabye. Wouldn't it be lovely if you had someone to play this to you as you drifted off to dreamland?

Perhaps I can get the Bean to learn the violin and play it for me someday. It is played here by Christian Ferras. I can't think of the word Berceuse without mentioning the next song as well. My dear accompanist in Utah, Jared Jaccard played it for me many times (at my request) and it always had the same peace-giving soul soothing effect. Feast your ears on this Chopin Berceuse Op. 57:

I am told that this really was a cradle song written by Chopin for the newborn baby of some friends. It certainly sounds tender enough. I love the rocking, rhythmic left hand that feels just like a rocking cradle. Delicious.
What song would you like to have played while you fall asleep?


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