Five cheers for Fictionist!

This is the first time I can truly say I knew a band before they started to get big. I knew them before Rolling Stone did, that's right, I said Rolling Stone. I have the T-shirt, their CD and I was awed by them live at the Rose Wagner Black Box theatre in Salt Lake City. They are Fictionist. A band that is on the verge of breaking into the mainstream and they have, get this: the chance to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Have a listen:

Intelligent lyrics, a spacey sound that totally rocks and is utterly unique, these guys really deserve all the attention they are getting. They are all from Utah, so if you live there their live shows are totally worth the ticket price. The Rolling Stone contest is getting down to the wire and they need more votes to ensure their place on the cover of the mag (as well as a great recording contract) f you like what you hear go here and vote for these guys! Help out some Utah musicians!


Kate said…
amen sister. go big or go home. 5 cheers for fictionist!
dstangl said…
Nice pick, Amy. I'd never heard of them, but they have a really interesting sound.

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