Dog person

Can you all of a sudden not be a dog person? I think that might be happening to me. I've always considered myself a dog person, we had at least one dog at all times growing up. But now that this little guy is in my life,

it seems I no longer have room (or the desire for room) for this:

Or maybe a kid plus a dog seems like too much chaos. Come to think of it, a kid plus another kid seems like chaos. Not that I want Beck to be an only child, but, how do people ever have more than one small, dependent (though utterly and indescribably wonderful) living thing in their house at once?


Jeff.n.Tia said…
I just started reading your blog after I came across it by "blog-hopping," and thought you and your family were so cute and happy that I wanted to start following you! I hope that's okay, I don't want to creep you out. My husband's name is Jeff too oddly enough, and we hope to have our own little ones in a few years ourselves. :)

I just wanted to say that I totally know how you feel about the dog thing! I am a full-time nanny of now-22-month-old twins, and after taking care of kids all day, cleaning up after/dealing with a pet can feel like more of an irritation than anything. I LOVE dogs, and miss having one (we live in a small apt. and discovered even a kitty was too much), but raising children is enough without an "animal child" thrown into the mix. My husband and I hope to have a dog when our kids are more above the 2yr.+ mark. :)

Your son is adorable btw, and I love the name you chose for him!


~Christina S.
Joel said…
I bet a lot of second children are accidents. The key to dealing with more than one is to leave yourself no choice.
Kristin said…
It's possible only if you give in to a lot bit of crazy. Just give in Amy. Come join the fully crazy side of the universe! :)

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