All Hail Caffeine!

And... this is where I find out if my brother-in-law reads my blog. Back when I was a fresh faced, only slightly jaded BYU graduate, I saw my brother-in-law take a caffeine pill before an especially tough spin class. I remember thinking, "Scandal! Isn't that, a sin or something?" (Mormons don't drink coffee, and the University from whence I had just come was especially judgmental on all things caffeine though not coffee related). I thought it was a cop-out or at the very least a cheater-pants way of working out.
Fast forward to last week. I'm now a mom, trying to regain my former 20-year-old self's version of fitness glory, I don't have a ton of time to work out, and it is even harder with a baby and weather that is often to snowy o rtoo cold to venture out with the little guy. And then there was last week's run. It was 1 degree Fahrenheit. It was, eyebrow frost, haircicle inducing cold. Not since I had moved from Maine and finally gotten rid of my flannel lined jeans, had I experienced cold of that craptitude (that's magnitude and crap mixed together, clever, no?) My friends and I had planned a 16 mile run. Everything froze, my eyelashes, my Gu, my water, my hopeful outlook, my love for life, everything. I was dragging. I needed food, but after the bag of Stingers so kindly supplied by my friend I was out of nourishment. I dragged myself, with an inner pep talk (well, actually the pep talk voice was trying to drown out the tired, whiney, cranky voice that was yelling "I'M TIIIIIIRED!! THIS IS FAAAAAAR!") from mile eight on and finally called it quits after mile 12. I only made it to mile eight because I was telling a really great poop story - stay tuned for that one. I was totally worn out, freezing and cranky. That began my week long fight with running. I did NOT want a repeat of that miserable run. Maybe I didn't love running after all? I knew I needed a little extra help. As I bought new sneakers I found these magical little gems:
And they have, that's right, caffeine, they were amazing . Seriously, in comparison to last weeks run, this week's run and I were all sitting there gazing into each other's eyes saying "it was good for me, was it good for you?" Oh yeah. All thanks to the Gu... and maybe the fact that it was a whopping 20 degrees outside. So, coffee's off limits, but a little sumthin' sumthin' (and by that I mean caffeine) before/during a long run? Bring it on, baby.


Kristin said…
But seriously if you think those are good try the Gu Roctaine! Serious stuff and some come with TWICE the caffeine. What's that? That's right, TWICE the caffeine. Need I say more?
Rachel said…
Ode to Gu! What a great post. I too never thought I would partake of the "evil" stuff, but at mile 10, with 2 or 5 or 8 to go, it doesn't feel so evil.

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