I was just thinking of the words that are cool to say but just beg for a cooler definition. These are the ones that come to mind: Euthanasia, diarrhea, spanicopita, Beazlebub and cryptosporidium. Don't they just trip right off the tongue? What if they had the following meanings?
Euthanasia - Come on! This one is a no brainer. It means American college kids on spring break in Thailand. Brokedown Palace could now have a new name...
Diarrhea - a dire emergency as in "we've moved from def -con 5 to full out diarrhea" (think War Games)
Spanicopita - a long range helicopter. "Let's go to Cuba! We can take my spanicopita!"
Cryptosporidium - a cool spy gadget as in: "Quick, Bond! He's getting away! Use the Cryptosporidium" I guess both meanings would work in that context...
Beazlebub - A grown up bowl cut. "Maybe just a little off the top, or... wait, just give me a Beazlebub!"

So what words would you change the meaning to?


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