I have a pet and his name is Peeve

I really did have a pet named Peeve. He was a stray cat that my roomates and I would feed during my last semester at BYU. He was pretty cute. But that is neither here nor there. I have a new pet peeve. It never used to bother me; it was Jeff's pet peeve. Then my friend chimed in that she hated it too, still I was unperterbed. Then I went on a run and it was EVERYWHERE! Until then I never really noticed it. And then I couldn't stop thinking about it. I think this is not just a passing fancy, I think this is the kind of annoyance that really has lasting power.
Have I built up the suspence enough yet? Probably not since you can already see the pictures. Ok, here it is: non functioning shutters. Shutters on a house that would never cover the entire window, that don't really do anything, that have no hinges on them and are there just for decoration. It's like someone wearing a hat that is way to small for them, or a dude who wears a baseball cap just floating on his head. It's just silly. Seriously:
What good is it going to do in a storm? Are shutters to become like the false eyelashes for houses? Oh the humanity!


Kristin said…
As that "friend" I have to say how much I appreciate and agree with this post. Just thinking about it and reading your post makes my skin crawl. I won't go on a soap box again about it since you already know how I feel (and are thankfully converted) but just one last word....BERKKKK (that means "throw up" in French)
Rachel said…
I will NEVER look at shutters the same way again. Seriously.

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