Who needs directions?

There are some things that need patterns. I tried to make Beck a winter hat without a pattern, the results turned out ok, but only if we lived under a bridge. Part of my brain was all "hey, this isn't going so well, maybe I should look up some instructions or a pattern or something" and the other half of my brain was all "Whatevs! I totally got this" The result was an unholy mess.
You'd think I would learn, but a week later we also tried to make a gingerbread house without a real plan. The poor thing lost a wall and half a roof within the hour.
But then we made gingerbread houses with some friends who had blueprints. That's right. It was a much more successful endeavor.
But if you think that is cool, check out my friend's. She and her husband made a brownstone. May I introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Fancypants.


Kristin said…
ummmm... I totally think that your Cape Cod is AWESOME!!! But totally agree....blue prints is the way to go!!!

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