A handsome mustache

I was driving home today and looked in my rearview mirror to find the man in the truck behind me had a Tom Selleck worthy mustache. "Wow" I thought. " You don't see those everyday". Then I looked at the lane next to me and the guy in the drivers seat? Rockin' the same healthy 'stache. Perhaps you do see those everyday, if you are looking for them. Ah, the mustache. It fell from grace in the 90's and there was only Tom Selleck, it's poster child, to carry the banner. Am I wrong in saying I've seen a bit of a reappearance of this linear facial hair? Is it again to return to our little world and speak of the virility and masculinity of it's wearer as it did in days of yore? You tell me. But I have a few tributes to anyone who has the guts to rock a mustache in the 2010s! First, here is a link to the most random website ever, commemorating the only man to look really good in a mustache ; Tom Selleck as well as waterfalls and sandwiches. In that order.
Second, for the more classically minded, here is the Stephen Foster classsic "If you've only got a mustache". A tribute to, incidentally, the only legal facial hair you can have at BYU.


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