Ode to feet

I am grateful for my feet. They are two strong mofo's. They take me where I want to go, they look good when I point them, and they rarely complain when I run in Vibrams. My legs, however, I am currently giving them a motherly "I thought better of you" look. Let's just say I had hoped they would make better choices. They are slow. Ok, so maybe I shouldn't be reading all about the people who have broken the four minute mile since Roger Bannister (and never mind that a female is yet to break the four minute mile barrier). But still, I think my legs need some tough love.
Up to this point, I have been a pretty slow runner. I remember in track seeing fellow milers like myself run a 7:30 minute mile and thinking "Wow, that's fast, I wish I could do that". For those of you who don't run, a 7 minute mile for just a mile good but not a blistering speed. It is however, an awesome speed if you are going multiple miles.
Telling the blogosphere about my problems seems to work for me. I wrote that blog about marketing and wanting more voice students? Blammo!! I now have 8. So here's my new problem. I'm sending it out to the universe, the blogosphere and any other large nebulous entity I can think of. I have started doing pace runs, and I will still run those awful hills on Beacon Street (leading up to Boston College, they are the Beacon street side of Heartbreak Hill which is just a few blocks away). But I could use some input. How much mileage should I be shooting for each week? Should I be doing more sprint work?
So, again dear blogosphere, I turn to you to keep me honest, and motivated. I am now going to post what my current split is when I do my little 2 mile pace runs (basically when I run as fast as I can): Gulp, it's 9:33. Sigh. Ok, so I am pushing a running stroller, but still.
In the immortal words of Tom Cruise in Top Gun; I feel the need, the need for speed.
I am going to continue to run that wretched hill on Beacon Ave, and do pace runs, but does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this show on the road? Anyone?


Rachel said…
I just picked up the book Run Less, Run Faster from the library. I haven't started reading it yet, but if it proves to have the magic answer, I'll pass it on.
PS: When I started training for Wicked back in July, my first pace run was a bit closer to 10 minutes than you currently are. This morning, without meaning to do a pace run, I clocked 3 miles at a 8:33/mile pace. And that was just through one pace run a week for 5 months. My guess is that it will come. But I am SO NOT AN EXPERT....just saying.

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