A not so traditional Christmas

I love Christmas. I love everything about it, the gifts, the increase in kindness, things that turn my thoughtsto the Savior of the world, the music, the whole thing. I love most of the music come Christmas time, but, I am sorry to say, not all Christmas songs are created equal. For starters, I can't stand "The Little Drummer Boy". All that rum-pum-puming makes me want to punch somebody. Way too much like somebody is whacking me over the head with the catch phrase of the song. So to cleanse the mental palate, as it were, of the above mentioned atrocity, here is a song I discovered a few years ago that I absolutely LOVE and that I wish more people heard.

and this one as well:

A Merry Christmas to all. Even those of you poor schlubs who like "Little Drummer Boy".


dstangl said…
I don't like that song either. It was my brother's favorite when we were little and he would make us listen to it constantly. I'd be plenty happy if I never heard it again.

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